Our Mission

The American Institute of Wine & Food is a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding, appreciation and quality of wine and food through fun educational experiences in support of our signature Days of Taste® and Scholarship programs.


Our Values

These shared beliefs are the principles we hold most dear and which energize our action...  


  • We share our passion for the knowledge of food and drink with our membership and with a broad public through our chapters, programs and publications.
  • We communicate the health and social values that matter most to us through our programs and publications.


  • We preserve the regional and ethnic culinary heritage of the table.
  • We educate others on quality food and drink.
  • We encourage professional research to grow our culinary culture and knowledge.


  • We encourage preparation of enjoyable, healthy food and the pleasures of eating with family and friends.
  • We communicate and teach others about the value of healthy, flavorful meals and about identifying high quality, good tasting and healthy ingredients.


  • We are individually and collectively responsible for the success of our mission.
  • We are fair and consistent and treat all people with respect.
  • We base our decisions on the best available information, science and technology.
  • We value all who are members or staff of our organization.