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AIWF Culinary Scholarship for Vermonters

Our Vermont chapter has established an annual $2500. scholarship for Vermont students pursuing a culinary education. See further information below.

Look for our NEW LABEL!


Buy your special AIWF label 2 year Classic Cheddar made famous by the Grafton Cheese Company.

With your purchase of the AIWF scholarship cheese, proceeds 

HELP FUND OUR CULINARY SCHOLARSHIP, making it doubly good for gift giving! 

With the sale of each AIWF Culinary Scholarship cheese, the Windham Foundation--parent to the Grafton Village Cheese Company and a non-profit organization known throughout Vermont for its philanthropy and preservation work--will donate to the AIWF Vermont Chapter Culinary Scholarship fund.

Chefs are encouraged to use and retailers are encouraged to stock The AIWF Culinary Scholarship cheddar. This award winning cheddar is aged for two years and is sealed in black wax to retain freshness. Steve Jenkins, author of Cheese Primer, says of Grafton’s Classic Vermont Cheddar, “It is magnificent, an authentic American Treasure."

The scholarship cheese is available in 3 retail sizes, available for purchase through the

Grafton Village Cheese Company or at your local store-just ask them to carry it.

WHOLESALE accounts may order 8 oz. wheels, 2lb. blocks, and 10 lb. bulk through

Black River Produce. Phone Jay at 800-228-5481 x 288. Please specify scholarship cheese as follows:

single 8oz. wheel #50278   / 12 @8oz Wheels #50277  / single 2lb. bar #50299  /  3x2lb. bars #50298   / single 10lb. print #50282

Vermont Roots will also selling our scholarship cheese to wholesale accounts. Phone: 802-747-3312

Front cheese promo _1_2

You may also order our scholarship cheese at the following retail locations:

Cheese Traders, South Burlington, VT

Dorset Union Store, Dorset VT

F. H. Gillinghams, Woodstock VT

The Grafton Village Cheese Company, Grafton VT

H.N. Williams Department Store, Dorset VT

The Killington Market, Killington VT

Mendon Country Store, Mendon VT

Farm-Way Inc, Bradford VT

If it is not in stock, please inquire. If you would like your local market to carry our scholarship cheese, or if a business who does carry it is missing from this list, do let us know. Email



The AIWF Culinary Scholarship is offered through The Vermont Student Assistance Corp., created in 1965 as a public nonprofit agency to help Vermonters who want to go to college or have other training after high school. The VSAC provides loans, scholarships, career and education planning, and general information about getting an education.

Scholarships Booklet contains details about the AIWF Culinary Scholarship as well as application forms for the next academic year. The VSAC Scholarship Booklet also may be obtained from schools and local libraries, or from the VSAC website.


Kathryn Ward, 2012

Justin Cucullo, 2011

Jozef Eller 2010 -- In a thank you letter he says, "My dreams of becoming a chef are fast becoming a reality. Thanks to the kindness of people such as yourselves I can afford to pursue my passions and one day brighten peoples lives with good food. Thank you so much."

Tenzin Dakpa 2009 -- Tenzin is also passionate about cooking and his desire is to open his own Taiwanese Restaurant.  He has also been a beloved leader at the King Street Youth Center in Burlington.

Patrick Caron, 2008 --Patrick will attend Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Patrick says, "I have wanted to pursue a degree in the culinary arts for some time and this financial support is a tremendous help in fulfilling that dream."

Kelli Van Horn, 2007 -- attended New England Culinary Institute, in Essex Junction, where she hopes to learn skills to own her own bakery.

Stephanie Swett 2006 -- was accepted at NECI. In her thank you she writes, " has been an honor to become the first family member to attend post secondary schooling. My family has been continually supportive throughout the first year of my schooling. Every week when I call them, they are always excited to hear about all that I have learned.... I paid for my first year of school through scholarships, loans, and personal savings."

PO Box 999
Winooski VT 05404
Phone: 1-800-798-8722 or (802) 655-4050

Please forward this information to any interested parties or schools.