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Dallas Farmers Market Classes

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Learn from the Chefs at the Market.  Come be part of the 21st year!


"In a time of fiscal anxiety, these classes continue to be one of the best buys in town, year in and year out...”   Kim Pierce "Dallas Morning News”

DOORS OPEN @ 11: OO AM CLASS IS FROM 11:30-1:00  
Market Resource Center 1010 South Pearl Expressway Dallas, Texas, 75201


(1) July 16 Dan Landsberg
Dragonfly at the Hotel ZaZa
Theme: Texas Summer from Peas to Peaches

(2) July 23 Tracy Miller
Theme: Savory and Sweet Summer Peaches

(3) July 30 Stan Rodrigues
Whiskey Cake
Theme: Wine Country Cuisine using Texas Ingredients

(4) August 6 Robert Clifford
Nick & Sam’s Steak House
Theme: Classic American Steakhouse Fare

(5) August 13 Gerard Thompson
Rough Creek Lodge & Resort
Theme: Cooking with Texas Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

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