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Days Of Taste


The American Institute of Wine & Food Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter
Days of TasteŽ Fact Sheet

Fall Session:  October 2013

“In this age of fast and frozen food, we want to teach school children about real food – where it is grown and how it is produced – so that they can develop an understanding and appreciation of how good food is supposed to taste.”  - Julia Child, AIWF co-founder

“Old McDonald had a farm, not a drive through.” -  Joanne Bondy, Days of TasteŽ Volunteer, Chef/Owner, Ciudad, Dallas,Texas

Ode to Days of TasteŽ by Amy S.

How do we teach kids today to eat healthy?  
It’s not a question of if you are wealthy.  
High sugar, sat-fat, mucho sodium too,
often the choice of kids to fifty-two.

Days of TasteŽ is a program that helps youngsters see fresh and healthy.
Options that certainly must be considered as tasty,
And easy to fix, for kids to consider a McDonald’s nix.

Support this great program; help it grow thru Big D
by sponsoring schools in this great opportunity.  
Contact your neighborhood school and request,
a Days of TasteŽ sponsorship, bring them the best!

The History of Days of TasteŽ

Days of TasteŽ is a national discovery-based program of The American Institute of Wine & Food, modeled after a French program called “Journée de Gout,” which also means “Days of TasteŽ.” Designed for fourth and fifth grade students to learn about food and how it weaves its way through daily life from farm to table, it has become a signature program of The AIWF. The first Days of TasteŽ took place in New York City in the fall of 1995, after evolving from many early AIWF initiatives examining issues of health, nutrition and feeding children, and collaborations with other organizations.

Days of Taste DallasŽ

Held at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, Days of TasteŽ provides a unique field trip experience for 4th and 5th grade elementary students in Dallas public schools. Through the program, students have the opportunity to explore the nuances of taste through the five senses with a tasting component guided by a chef, a visit with a local farmer to discover the wealth and variety of products grown and that are available locally, and prepare a Harvest salad using fresh produce that the they have purchased themselves at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. Volunteer culinarians and other volunteers share their enthusiasm for fresh ingredients, cooking, and love of food. The program teaches kids the concept of “from farm to table”-one that is difficult for kids to grasp these days.

Volunteer Chef Instructors

Volunteer chef instructors spend their time teaching the students about fresh ingredients, basic knife skills, nutrition and mealtime etiquette. They translate their passion for food to the kids and give them the confidence to create their own meal to share with the group.

Volunteers Growers/Producers

Volunteer growers and producers dedicate their time and expertise to the program by teaching how products are actually grown and produced with a brief lecture and tasting of their signature products. Many students have never tasted fresh herbs, fresh cheeses or fresh honey!

Volunteer Partners

These invaluable people spend time greeting the students, helping them shop at the farmer’s market, ensuring food safety and sanitation and setting up and breaking down the days events. Over 200 volunteers were utilized this year.

The following organizations have helped to provide the strong network of volunteers that are needed to execute a program of this size:

AIWF Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Slow Food USA, Les Dames D’Escoffier, The Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas Farmer’s Market Friends, Dallas Dietetic Association, The Texas Chef’s Association, El Centro Culinary School, Sysco Foods, Central Market, The Gaylord Texan, Flavors From Afar and Whole Foods Market

Participating Schools

All students are in the 4th and 5th grade and attend Dallas Independent School District elementary schools.

Join us as we explore the ABC’s of Taste & Health through the American Institute of Wine and Food Days of TasteŽ Program

2013 Fall Dates

Monday, October 14

Tuesday, October 15

Wednesday, October 16

Thursday, October 17

Friday, October 18


Thank you for the wonderful lesson on how to cook. It gave me the idea to help my Mom cook! -Caleb

Thank you for the wonderful trip. You really gave me ideas for my salad. Also, thank you for the money and helping us cut up all of the food. What a big knife! -Jae’l

Thank you for teaching us how to make a salad I really appreciate it. Thanks for buying the plum for me. The salad we made was terrific!-Cristian

Thank you for making Days of Taste
Ž the best field trip ever! I really liked mango and blueberries. They tasted great! You were the best helpers!

Thanks for letting me be brave to eat new food.

This was my first time I’ve made a good pasta salad and dessert!

Thank you for giving me my best food tasting field trip ever!  My favorite part was when we were eating our salad and dessert! I hope I made your best food tasting day!

Days of TasteŽ is probably one of the most engaging, kinesthetic, educational and just plain old fun field trip I've ever participated in! All of our chaperones agreed. The children came away with a broader understanding of taste, food selection, and even economics. Learning things about, for example, bees and honey production, was something new to most. The way it was presented and in the state of the art environment made it that much more special.

Joey Newberry, 5th grade teacher, Lakewood School

Most kids don't realize what they are eating on a daily basis, nor do their parents.  Pay a little more for what is good for your future and your children's future...Days of TasteŽ gets the ball rolling right at impressionable young open minds.  I wish their whole family could join them.

Joanne Bondy, Volunteer Chef Instructor

I participate in Days of TasteŽ because children are our future. I want them to learn about food so that they will eat well and make good food choices.  Once they begin to think about food I think they enjoy it more.  Eating well is a life choice and the sooner they learn the better.

Paula Lambert, Volunteer Grower/Producer

We can not expect the children of today to eat well if they have never been exposed to foods that are prepared in a healthy way.  If the only broccoli they know is grey/green with cheese sauce on top from a pouch then we haven’t done our jobs right as educators. 

Tina Wasserman, Volunteer Chef Instructor

Days of TasteŽ is an outstanding program.  The kids always say it is the best field trip.  I am always trying to get them to understand about nutrition and The Days of TasteŽ reinforces everything I tell them.  Many of our students do not get healthy meals.  Letting them make their own wonderful pasta salad excites them about eating correctly.  The volunteers are always awesome.  They are so nice to the students and really get acquainted with them.  Kids love attention, and your volunteers shower our students with it.  Thank you AIWF for a wonderful program.

Deborah Easley, 5th Grade Teacher, K.B. Polk Elementary

We have come to the end of yet another year, things are so fast paced in our society we hardly take time to breath. The program that our students have participated in at the farmers market teaches community! It teaches us that it is O.K. to take a breath, and to share a meal together that has been prepared together. In many homes our students rarely have this experience.

This is truly an interdisciplinary field trip they are learning about nutrition, taste buds, economics, agriculture, history, and doing in a hands on way. Research proves that we retain more of any educational experience when we are able to engage all of our sense as well as our fine & gross motor skills. This is the approach to education that leaves an indelible mark on the participant! Thanks just doesn't express the gratitude well feel toward all those that make this wonderful opportunity possible for our students.

Larry Linke, School Counselor Anson Jones Elementary


Days of Taste


Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities
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